Vici subsidy for researcher Anne Roefs 

Vici subsidy for researcher Anne Roefs 

In total 22 scientists were successful in obtaining a grant

15-03-2022 · News

Does the effect of an intensive lifestyle treatment for obesity (including a diet, exercise and psychotherapy) depend on the personal characteristics of participants? That is one of the questions that Anne Roefs, professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences, will try to answer with the Vici grant from financier NWO.

Roefs is one of the 22 scientists who were successful in obtaining a grant. These are all very experienced researchers who can use the grant – of 1.5 million euro – to set up a new research line over a period of five years. A total of 306 scientists took a shot at the Vici grant, two thirds of whom are men and one third women. The success rate is around 10 per cent.

Roefs will also look into how the personal characteristics (or profiles) of obese people manifest in daily life. With the use of an app, participants are asked questions regarding their eating habits and exercise several times a day, but also about matters that may influence those habits, such as stress. MT



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