Law and FASoS want grants for Ukrainian researchers

Law and FASoS want grants for Ukrainian researchers

Possibly, a national research fund will be created

16-03-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. More than twenty thousand euro to pay for at least three grants for Ukrainian researchers; that is what the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASoS) hopes to collect via crowdfunding. For the Faculty of Law, a PhD student is already on the way to Maastricht from Kharkiv.

The plan to help refugee Ukrainian scientists came about rather quickly at FASoS. “We have considerable expertise when it comes to Eastern Europe,” says Giselle Bosse, who has published a lot on geopolitical issues in this region. “That is why we work together with Ukrainians in research projects.”

The idea is to offer at least three of these colleagues a place to work at the faculty, where they can carry out research for six months. “They will receive a grant of 1,250 euro per month, plus travelling expenses. We will also look into whether they can move into a home here in the region with their families.” 

In addition, the various FASoS research schools are looking into whether they have extra money to spend. Some schools, such as Cerim, already award grants to international scientists every year. 

For the three work places that will be financed by the crowdfunding, the faculty has already approached Ukrainian researchers. “They are very enthusiastic about our plan. But other universities in the Netherlands and Germany are now also making grants available. So, who knows, these candidates may in the meantime find a place to work in a German institute. This is entirely possible. Fine, of course, as long as they can pick up their research again.”

Until now – Thursday – the crowdfunding has yielded 3.550 euro. “We have hardly advertised the matter at all. We will do so from now.”

50,000 euro

The Faculty of Law will take on one young Ukrainian female researcher, who is at this moment on her way to Maastricht via Germany. “She is a PhD student from Kharkiv,” says dean Jan Smits, “who is doing research in the field of mediation and human rights. We are doing this in consultation with the city, who is in charge of relief operations. I don’t think the guest researchers will be offered a house, but they will be given a place to stay.” 

The Faculty of Law is also offering five PhD places on the international website Science for Ukraine, where European universities offer their help. “The PhD places have not been created especially for Ukrainians, but they are, of course, very welcome. Four have already been in contact, three of whom have now found a safe place in Germany.”

The law faculty also has a fund from SWOL, which they can spend on student grants for a bachelor’s at European Law School. “We have 50 thousand euro for two Ukrainian students, who can start in September. They are from outside the EU, so they pay the higher tuition fees of eight thousand euro.”

National funds

The Executive Board applauds the faculties’ efforts, but itself prefers to work on a national level as much as possible, with the ministry, UNL or research financier NWO. Tomorrow, during the rectors meeting, the research grants for Ukrainians will be discussed. One of the options is to set up a national fund.

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