Too small and too vague

Too small and too vague

Municipal building inspector forbids larger image

23-03-2022 · New

Albert Einstein looking out over the Kennedysingel. A nice idea: since last Monday, the head of the most famous physicist adorns the building on Duboisdomein 30, where ET PathFinder is housed, the test set-up of the Einstein Telescope. But the result appears to be disappointing. 

“The image (top left) is too small and can hardly be seen at a distance,” says Ralph Herben, project leader at Facility Services. The faculty had a larger head in mind, but the municipal building inspector set the limits at 3.5 by 3.5 metres. We will sit down with the designer and the architect next week to discuss the matter.”

The Einstein Telescope is the high-tech detector of gravitational waves that may be installed in Zuid-Limburg, three hundred metres underground. Sardinia is the other candidate.