No more European member states

No more European member states

German professor to give Schuman lecture

02-05-2022 · Background

Europe is bankrupt. The member states will have to take a step back and clear the way for the ‘European Republic’. That is what the German historian and philosopher Ulrike Guérot (1964) thinks. In May, she will give the Schuman lecture, organised by Studium Generale.

She has been active on the EU side-lines for years, has participated in many think tanks and is professor of European Policy at the University of Bonn. She is not just a Europe watcher but also an insider, being co-author of the so-called Schäuble-Lamers plan in the nineteen-nineties. That was one of the blueprints for the Eurozone, the EU countries that introduced the new currency.

In 2014, she set up the Democracy Lab in Berlin, a breeding place for new ideas about Europe. The idea of Europe as a republic is prominent, with a president, senate and a house of representatives. In addition to the economic integration, the EU should also join forces on a political level.

Just like the French economist Piketty, Guérot (see the lecture on feels that “a monster has been created.” She is referring to the political system in which – since the Treaty of Maastricht – the link between market and state has been severed. A system in which the currency and the economy are being controlled by Brussels, while the fiscal and the social policies remain in the hands of the member states. 

This creates inequality. That is why Guérot believes that it is high time for a republic with equal rights for all Europeans. A republic in which the borders between member states no longer exist and in which everything will be about regions and provinces, more or less comparable to the Bundesländer in Germany. Only then can international problems such as the refugee crisis be dealt with adequately.

She names no names but it is perverse, she reckoned in the above-mentioned lecture, that a government official returns from Brussels and declares to his country: “I made sure of it in Brussels that our country doesn’t need to take refugees.” 

The Schuman lecture is on Monday, 9 May, at 20:00 hrs; you can register here

Photo: Guérot

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