Studying on a wooden bench on the Orleansplein

Studying on a wooden bench on the Orleansplein

Neighborhood gathering at Orleansplein

17-05-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. The Orleansplein - where many students live - in the Brusselsepoort district is being overhauled. There is now a soccer field, a basketball hoop and a number of play equipment for children. But above all, there are a lot of bicycles. A shame, thought a group of local residents. We have to do something about that; they formed a working group and worked with an architect on a plan to redesign the square. Last Saturday, the working group invited all local residents to discuss the plans that have been on the table so far.

The designs will not have come as a complete surprise to the majority of visitors, says Ralph Herben, member of the neighborhood work group and project leader at Maastricht University's facilities services. “We have regularly spoken to people on the street to hear what they think and if they have any ideas.”

The students too, emphasizes Herben. “We want to make wooden seating elements for them, for example, so that students without a garden can study here when the weather is nice.” There are no plans for it now, but "if they make good use of that, we might think about providing good WiFi in the future". The turnout among students was a bit disappointing last Saturday, says Herben. "I think it was because of the lovely weather, because normally I find them very involved in the neighborhood."

Author: Yuri Meesen

Photo: Joey Roberts

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