Hockey and beer were back on Ascension Day

Circumflex fraternity ‘Vloeibaar Goud’ wins ULV for the eleventh time

30-05-2022 · Reportage

Friday, 16:00 hrs. The final of the student hockey competition Us Leef Vruike is coming to a head. With just a few minutes and an equal score on the scoreboard, tension is rising. But not every spectator manages to stay awake. Two days of hockey and very little sleep have taken their toll, although the continuous stream from beer taps gives rise to the suspicion that for many something else is playing a role too.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still good on the grounds of the Maastricht Hockey Club. After two Covid years, the competition – which has been held on Ascension Thursday (and the day after) since 1989 and is organised by independent fraternity Plutarchus and sorority Kokkepel – could be held again “like old times”. And that means that they don’t just play hockey: the sports complex has been transformed into a proper festival grounds. After the Inkom, ULV is even known to be the largest student event in Maastricht. This year, about three thousand students from Maastricht and elsewhere attended, ULV chairman Yannick Smolders estimates. “That took a little getting used to again, but at the same time, you notice that everyone really enjoys the fact that it could go ahead.”

While the majority of those present has meanwhile joined the festivities beside the sports fields, the remaining hockey fanatics see how the final is ending in shoot outs. This is where the mixed team of Circumflex fraternity ‘Vloeibaar Goud’, which already won ten previous editions, and Tragos sorority Minx come off best. They are handed the cup a little while later by a parachutist, who has just jumped from a helicopter and landed in a field beside the hockey pitch. “We try to do something original for the awards ceremony every year,” says Smolders. “Last time, someone handed over the cup while riding on the back of a camel, this year we thought that this would be fun.”

Photo's: Joey Roberts

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