500 euro for anyone who recruits a new colleague

500 euro for anyone who recruits a new colleague

Shortage on the labour market

08-06-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. Maastricht University uses its own personnel as recruiter. Employees can earn 500 euro if they bring in a new colleague.

According to HR director Nieke Guillory, the greatest challenges are in finding support staff (OBP). “Financial, legal, IT and even in higher positions such as director or assistant director.” We are getting few applications “and when we get plenty of letters, it doesn’t appear easy to find the right candidate”.
At the moment, there are almost thirty ‘non-academic’ internal and external vacancies on Academic Transfer. A third of those are in the IT field. Guillory: “The number of vacancies in itself doesn’t say much. It is a snapshot. You don’t, for example, see how many are being posted for the second and third time, so how long the search for a candidate has been going on. But thirty to forty vacancies per month for administrative and support staff is more than in previous years.”
In addition, Guillory has noticed that it has become more difficult in certain scientific disciplines. As an example, she mentions Artificial Intelligence.

“There are 5,000 employees at the UM which means that we have an enormous network. Someone most likely has a friend or acquaintance who is suitable for a position at the UM.” And no, there doesn’t necessarily need to be a vacancy. If you have someone in mind, you can introduce him or her to the HR advisor of the faculty or service, or to your manager, she says. In that sense HR wants to involve staff members more in the recruitment process. “It is not just a task for those in charge.”
Does the location of Maastricht, in the extreme south of the Netherlands, play a role in the shortage? “That is possible, but it differs greatly per position.”

The bonus is 500 euro (gross) for every successful candidate that you put forward, is what it says in the communication e-mail that was sent last week. Plus, an “incentive” for the team, also at a value of 500 euro. There are conditions, because that friend or acquaintance must of course actually come and work here and get through the probationary period.

Author: Wendy Degens

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