“It is very important for PBL that students get together”

“It is very important for PBL that students get together”

No more hybrid education after the summer

16-06-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. No more hybrid education; next academic year there will only be on campus tutorial groups. Unless there are again government regulations. That is what rector Pamela Habibović said last Wednesday during the Research and Education Committee meeting of the University Council.

In principle, the university is going back to the situation as it was before Covid, according to the rector. “The benefits of hybrid education do not outweigh the disadvantages.” Habibović and the vice deans for education are unanimous on this. “For problem-based education it is very important that students get together. It works less well when a part of the class is online.”

After the summer, corona will be treated the same as the flu. Anyone who is sick stays at home. The works with digital participants are not forthcoming. Although it is allowed if teachers still like to use the technology, according to the rector. “There is a lot in expansion and I think we need to stay flexible there; we are not going to sound 'corona police' in life."

Student council member Freddy Leppert is concerned about the attendance requirement. “If I have to stay at home for five days because of the quarantine, I’m not allowed to miss more tutorial groups in some courses. I'm afraid that students who are sick, but have hardly any symptoms, will come to university anyway. Or not even get tested. Otherwise there will be people who will not pass their courses.”

For now, students can bring this up to the study advisers, says Habibović. "We don't want to make a general exception for corona." The council nevertheless recommended the rector to include corona in the hardship clause. She will discuss it with the vice deans for education and will in any case ensure that there is clear communication to students about it.

But also with teachers. There is a great need for this, as it turns out later during the Committee Operations. Mark Govers, councilor on behalf of the scientific staff, asks for clarity about the situation for "a large number of colleagues". “Some students now seem to think they are entitled to a hybrid: 'I don't feel so well so I'm following online today.' Lecturers are supposed to organize that. That makes education even more complex in a world where the workload is already very high.”

Author: Yuri Meesen

Photo: Anna Shvets via Pexels

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