More Inkom participants than ever: 3300

More Inkom participants than ever: 3300

An introduction without corona restrictions

22-08-2022 · News

This year's Maastricht introduction week attracts a record number of 3300 first-years students. Just more than half of these are foreigners, with a total of 75 nationalities.

The Inkom will officially start today (Monday, August 22) with the opening party at the Tapijnkazerne. The following will perform here, among others: DJ Hitjeskanon, the Utrecht band Benr, and DJ Robin - a UM student who recently won a DJ contest especially organized for the Inkom.
The current edition has no corona restrictions, although a number of large outdoor activities have been programmed at the same location, the Tapijn. “That is purely preventive in case restrictions turn out to be necessary”, says chairman Floor Smits. It concerns the Welcome to Maastricht information market, the official opening (formerly at the Markt) and the Culture Carnival, where the cultural parties of Maastricht introduce themselves.
New is Set your own limit, an event that pays attention to psychological health, says Smits, a midwifery student at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. “Workshops are held at the law faculty and Gwen van Poorten, presenter at BNN/Vara, tells from personal experience what it is like to go beyond one's own borders.”
La Fuente, the Eindhoven DJ who had a big hit with I Want You last summer, will be playing at the closing party in the MECC.


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