Professor of Psychiatry under attack

Professor of Psychiatry under attack

Two investigations into behaviour  

31-08-2022 · News

Maastricht . UM-professor of Psychiatry Machteld Marcelis is being talked about after employees complained about her functioning. The UM’s ombudsperson has been carrying out an investigation into this since the end of July. At the same time, the professor/psychiatrist is a topic of discussion at the GGzE in Eindhoven, where she works as chief trainer. There is alleged to be an “unsafe learning climate”.

Maastricht University has not taken any disciplinary measures against Marcelis yet, says spokesperson Koen Augustijn. “At the moment, she can still continue doing her academic work. We have ascertained that the safety of other employees is not at stake here or that it could damage the ongoing research.”

The UM refrains from making any statements about the nature of the complaints, nor about what exactly is meant by ‘safety’. Marcelis is connected to the department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, as professor of Transdiagnostics in Psychiatry.

In addition, she works as chief trainer for GGzE, the Mental Health Authority in Eindhoven. Complaints have also surfaced there, newspaper Brabants Dagblad reports. Doctors in training and former doctors have filed reports of an "unsafe learning climate". Marcelis has resigned from her duties. 

The Registration Committee for Medical Specialists, (Registratie Commissie Geneeskundig specialisten, RGS), that is hearing all those involved, has put the programme in Eindhoven under closer monitoring. This means, among others, that no new doctors may be admitted. GGzE offers five training places (of 4.5 years) every year; education takes place alternately in Maastricht and Eindhoven.

The GGZ institute has engaged an external confidential advisor to investigate the complaints. The conclusions will be available halfway through September, GGzE writes on its website. 

Marcelis, who has not reacted to the questions regarding the content of the complaints that Observant has sent by e-mail, said to Brabants Dagblad that she was “shocked“ by the reports of an unsafe climate.