Major computer failure affects MUMC+; also inconvenience at UM

Paying with UMcard not possible

08-09-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. The Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+) suffererd a major computer failure on Thursday, making it nearly impossible to reach the hospital by phone or digitally for a great part of the day. Maastricht University was also affected by the situation, with the failure making payment with the UMcard not possible.

The failure, which was noticed around 09:00 in the morning, was solved by the end of the afternoon, MUMC+ reports on its website. In addition to the poor accessibility, patient information was not accessible, causing the hospital to postpone many treatments. The outpatient clinics have been closed all day, but other (acute) care continued during the computer failure. The cause of the failure is still unclear, but there are no indications of a hack, chairwoman of the board Helen Mertens told De Limburger.

Within the UM, the disruption caused the UMcard payment system to go down. This made it impossible to pay at coffee, soft drink and candy machines. Also, it was not possible for students to print and copy. Since the latter is free for employees, they did not experience any problems at the printer.

The servicepoint of UM Facilities Services indicated on Thursday afternoon that it expected the problems with the UMcard to continue as long as the computer failure at the MUMC+ persisted.

Photos: Loraine Bodewes, Observant

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