UM bicycle shed cleared out

UM bicycle shed cleared out

A second life for ‘Covid bikes’

21-09-2022 · News

The result of spending a morning ‘clearing out’ the bicycle shed in Randwyck: about a hundred orphaned bikes. Forgotten during the long lockdowns or an unexpected flight to a home country, or simply just a conscious dumping of an old wreck: they were all left behind by their owners during the Covid period. A similar number of bikes were collected in the city centre on Wednesday.

Normally an annual ritual, but because of the online education a clean-up was less urgent the past few years. The collected ‘Covid bikes’ that are too good for the shredder – about fifty in total – the UM will donate by to the Fietsbank, says facility manager Gido Boere. The bicycles (or their parts) will be prepared for a second life with those who cannot afford to buy a bike.

People who want the same for their old bicycles don’t need to wait on the next clean-up action, Boere remarks. They can leave them at a depot, either in the city centre (Tapijn, building A) or in Randwyck (UNS50). “A label that can be obtained from every reception desk, will need to be attached to it, so that other parked bikes are not whisked away as well.”

Photo: Joey Roberts

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