Talk between supervisory authority and GGZ institute postponed

Talk between supervisory authority and GGZ institute postponed

A good sign, or not?

06-10-2022 · News

The so-called judgment review between supervisory authority RGS and the GGZ (Mental Health Care) institute in Eindhoven GGzE, which is under fire because of an ‘unsafe’ learning climate, did not take place last week. This talk would provide the institute with an opportunity to officially react to the recent decision by RGS to shut down the study programme. However, GGzE says that the supervisory authority suggested to make it an exploratory discussion, in preparation of a judgment review.

“We were glad with that,” says spokesperson Noud Bex, who did not want to say anything about the content. “It was a completely different talk, open and constructive.” According to Bex, a broad representation of the RGS and the GGzE participated. Whether Maastricht professor Machteld Marcelis, who was stripped of her authority as a trainer (at the GGzE), was present, the spokesperson did not want to disclose. 

Why RGS (the Registration Committee for Medical Specialists) changed course, the supervisory authority did not say. Whether the extra talk with the GGZ institute can be seen as a helping hand, also remains unclear.

Head trainer Marcelis became topic of discussion after (former) psychiatrists in training complained about an ‘unsafe’ learning climate. Not everybody is convinced about this. Professor of Psychiatry Jim van Os, who worked for the UM for twenty years, suggested in Observant that Marcelis had become the victim of an act of revenge by one psychiatrist in training. The man was found to be unsuitable for the profession of psychiatrist by all four trainers.

The judgment review is now planned for 11 November.