EU study into psychological malaise in youths

EU study into psychological malaise in youths

A thousand youths in nine countries will participate

12-10-2022 · News

Last Monday, the most extensive research ever was started into European youths struggling with mental health issues. This is not just the umpteenth study mapping out the effects of the Covid virus on youths. In this project – called Youth-GEMs – researchers are going to take a broader look at the development of mental health. A thousand youths in nine European countries will be followed for a year. Brussels has set aside 9.7 million for the project. 

The youths (between the ages of 12 and 24) will be interviewed by a doctor, supply DNA, fill in questionnaires, and answer questions on their phones at random times during the day. This will provide an extensive picture of their lives and how they function, says Maastricht professor Bart Rutten, who is co-ordinating the project. “Both of the risky experiences, such as traumas, and the protecting factors such as positive emotions.”  

The data sets will be analysed with artificial intelligence. Rutten: “This will produce life paths and profiles, showing for example where youths go off the rails remarkably often or on the other hand appear to prossess the necessary resilience. In five years’ time, when all the analyses have been completed, we will know more.”



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