Psychiatrist training course continues, trainers must leave

Psychiatrist training course continues, trainers must leave

What went wrong, asks psychiatrist?

23-11-2022 · News

EINDHOVEN/MAASTRICHT. The study programme to become a psychiatrist in Eindhoven may, after complaints about an unsafe environment, continue after all. But the trainers, including head trainer and UM professor Machteld Marcelis, will have to leave.

Marcelis found herself in a tight corner after anonymous complaints about an unsafe learning climate and was subsequently suspended from the Mental Health Care institute in Eindhoven (GGzE). Complaints were also made at Maastricht University and an investigation was started. In the meantime, psychiatrists throughout the country showed their displeasure. Psychiatrist Jim van Os, for example, reckoned that Marcelis was a victim of revenge by a single psychiatrist in training. All trainers had previously deemed the same man unsuitable for the profession.

New faces

Based on the complaints and a visit to the institute, the Registration Committee of Medical Specialists, (Registratiecommissie Geneeskundig Specialisten, RGS) decided to shut down the study programme. But on further consideration, it will be allowed to continue, for one year, as it stands, after which RGS will review the matter. "GGzE sees it as a reward and appreciation for all the hard work," says spokesperson Noud Bex. "And with that I mean the new measures that we have taken, including the appointment of an independent confidential advisor."

For the trainers (and hence also for Marcelis), RGS believes that there is no place at the institute. Does GGzE feel that way too? Bex: "After consultation with GGzE, they agreed to step down. A new training culture needs new faces. Not so strange, right?"


"It is painful," says Van Os in a post on LinkedIn, "that three good trainers are being sacrificed". And all done under the heading of "how fantastically hard GGzE has worked to implement the necessary improvements".

Initially, RGS acted harshly and shut down the course. A couple of weeks later, it appeared that the regulator wanted to enter into discussion with the institute in Eindhoven and last week the decision to discontinue the study programme was overturned.

What went wrong here, Van Os wonders. "Also, why is RGS’s legal team not capable of any reflection and not offer up an apology for the mistakes it has made?" Van Os urges that there be a procedure for anonymous complaints that guarantees the safety of the complainer and the trainer. Because who would want to become a trainer now?


The RGS informs by email that it has done a thorough investigation and "does not act on anonymous reports lightly. Incidentally, the reporters were (ultimately) not anonymous to us. As part of the investigation they were spoken to personally. They did not want to disclose themselves further and the RGS respected that."
And as for apologies, the regulator does not think anything went wrong. "The judgment was firm but appropriate. However, much has improved at the GGzE in a short period of time. That is why the RGS decided, contrary to its intention, to grant the recognition for one year."

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