No PAS festival this summer

The Dutch band Luwten during the PAS festival 2021

No PAS festival this summer

Event to become biennial due to rising costs

21-03-2023 · News

MAASTRICHT. The Pleasure, Art & Science (PAS) Festival, organised by Studium Generale, will not take place next September. Due to rising costs, it has been decided to make it a biennial event. The next edition will take place in 2024.

The free festival - consisting of two evenings of lectures, music, theatre and exhibitions - has been held annually at the beginning of the academic year since 2014. For the upcoming edition, however, it proved difficult to come up with the budget, says Rob van Duijn, head of Studium Generale. "Due to inflation, costs are increasing, while subsidies are disappointing. This puts too much pressure on our small team of five. There is less room to outsource things, so we would have to take over a lot of work ourselves. That is difficult to combine with organising all the other activities."

Another option was to downsize the festival. "For example, by limiting it to one evening or using fewer venues. We'd rather not do that. We would like to keep the current size and quality." That led to the decision to skip an edition every other year from now on, to save costs. "A pity, because it always gives a kick to start the college year this way," he says.

This year is not completely 'PAS-less', however. Next June, there will be two editions of 'PAS in de buurt', a smaller version in a Maastricht neighbourhood, around themes alive among local residents. Last year an edition was already held in the neigbourhood Wittevrouwenveld, now it is the turn of Mariaberg and Pottenberg. "We can organise these three editions with money from NWO. Whether and how we will continue this event in the future is not yet clear."

Photo: Joey Roberts

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