Four gold medals for bodybuilding PhD student

Anne Friesacher during her last training before the NPC Benelux, last Saturday

Four gold medals for bodybuilding PhD student

"At the McDonald’s, I found dozens of other participants"

29-03-2023 · News

A spot in the top three among beginners. That was the goal of Anne Friesacher, PhD student at the School of Business and Economics, for her participation in bodybuilding competition NPC Benelux, last Sunday in Oss in Brabant. The Austrian more than succeeded: in the 'bikini' category ("for somewhat slimmer women"), she not only grabbed first place in the 'true' beginners group, but also in the 'regular' beginners group (who have never won a prize before) as well as the open round (for everyone). In addition, in that last round she was voted best of all 'height classes' - participants are not classified by weight, but by height.

Surprising, as she only started training last November. "Okay, I did have a reasonable base already. Fitness has been my biggest hobby for more than a decade. This seemed like a nice challenge, I like to push myself." For months, she could be found in the gym every day. At first to gain a lot of muscle, then also to lose weight. "The trick is to lose as much body fat as possible without sacrificing your muscle mass. I managed to do that thanks to the strict nutrition plan of my coach, Arno Visscher. Interesting, because it is a quite scientific approach, where you get to know your body really well. For instance, your salt intake affects how much water your muscles retain, and thus how visible they are."

Thanks to the win, Friesacher gets to go to a competition in December where she can earn a 'pro card' to participate in international competitions. "But I don't know yet if I will participate. It's hard to combine it with my PhD. Training takes a lot of time and is tiring, and the strict diet also leaves you with little energy. As a result, my concentration wasn't great recently. Not so useful when you need to be sharp while teaching or working on a publication."

Next period will be all about a 'reverse diet'. "You are inclined to eat an awful lot, but then you gain weight too quickly. You have to build that up slowly. Although I did let myself go to McDonald’s the night after the race. Where I found dozens of other participants, by the way," she laughs. She also hopes the self-tanner - which helps accentuate muscles during the competition - wears off soon. "Now during tutor groups, students are constantly asking why I am so tanned."

Photo: Yuri Meesen

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