No INKOM activities, but oysters and rosé

No INKOM activities, but oysters and rosé

For Tragos, its own parties are extra relevant this year

24-08-2023 · Reportage

Somewhere in the crowd a umbrella flaps open, but most attendees ignore the thick raindrops. They continue dancing on the square in front of the student association Tragos, which is hosting a party with the theme 'Chique' this Thursday afternoon. This, of course, includes an oyster bar, rosé ("instead of white wine") and a performance by Dutch singer Dries Roelvink.

It is not the only place in town where students are dancing. As in other years, student associations have set up their own programmes, parallel to that of the INKOM. Those who do not fancy the 'official' programme this afternoon - swimming in the Geusseltbad and a picnic - can also go to Koko's terrace, Saurus' Tropical Thursday or the (Circumfl)Ex On The Beach party in Circumflex's garden, for instance.

For Tragos, that in-house programme is especially relevant this year. At official INKOM activities, the society is not welcome - a sanction from the university after misconduct during last year's hazing. And reaching potential new members is a lot harder without a stand at the info market or a spot on the stage during the cantus, sighs president Thijmen Vermeer, as he looks out over the partying mob. In it are mostly people wearing white Tragos shirts. "But that's normal: there are always more own members than INKOM participants present."

What is the association doing this year to still attract the attention of new students? Are there more parties? "Not necessarily, but we are packing bigger than other years," says Vermeer. For instance, a stage has been built for the first time and the programme has been made attractive by booking well-known artists. "So today Dries Roelvink, and last Tuesday, for instance, rapper Yes-R was here. We are also putting much more effort into promotion through social media."

Whether it works? That will become clear after the introduction week ends in terms of the number of new registrations. "But at least the number of visitors this week does not seem to be less than previous years."


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