"Sustainable, and you save money too"

"Sustainable, and you save money too"

Clothing swap at UNS40

04-10-2023 · Background

A remarkable sight on the 'education square' in UNS40 this morning: among the students working behind their laptops is a number of racks filled with shirts, trousers and hoodies. Staff and students can swap clothes there today and tomorrow: exchange an item of clothing you no longer wear (but is still in good condition) for someone else's 'discard'.

An initiative of the Green Team at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience's (FPN), founded by students last year, which - by now, together with staff members - is working towards a more sustainable faculty. "Before the summer, we also held a clothing swap, which was a great success then," says psychology student Amelie Schleifer, a member of the team, sitting at a table next to the clothing racks. "This academic year, we want to do it monthly. Hopefully then people will buy clothes less often, but get something 'new' here. More sustainable, and you save money too."

Clothes not exchanged will be donated to a (yet to be determined) charity.

Photo: Joey Roberts

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