No Rubicon grants for UM

No Rubicon grants for UM

Utrecht and Nijmegen snagged the most scholarships

23-01-2024 · News

Fourteen newly promoted researchers have received Rubicon grants from NWO. This money allows them to gain research experience abroad. Maastricht researchers did not receive any prizes this time.

Whether this is for a special reason is not clear. "The Rubicon grants are not kept centrally, as is the case with ERC and Veni, Vidi and Vici grants," says Eva Rijkers. She is a coordinator in UM's central research support office, which keeps track of the number of grants awarded, among other things. "On average, UM drags in two Rubicon grants a year, and that was also the case in 2023."

These grants are awarded annually in three rounds. In this round, the last of 2023, Utrecht and Nijmegen snagged the most scholarships, three each.

Of all fourteen laureates, three leave for Germany, three for the US, and the rest travel to other destinations mainly in the EU. Mostly for two years. The amount of money they take home depends on the country and length of stay. NWO has a total of seven million to give away for sixty fellowships a year. 

The Rubicon grants, which are a stepping stone to the Veni, Vidi and Vici grants, have existed since 2005. Through them, many young researchers build a network from which they benefit for the rest of their scientific career.

Illustration: NWO

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