Delayed student complex not completed before February; 25 students still without accommodation

Delayed student complex not completed before February; 25 students still without accommodation

Agency urges tenants to terminate contracts

29-01-2024 · News

MAASTRICHT. The Muse Einstein Campus in Randwyck with accommodation for more than five hundred students – completion of which at the beginning of January was postponed due to technical problems – will not open its doors before 2 February. This information comes from management agency Nido. In the meantime, they are encouraging tenants to terminate their contracts.

Two weeks ago, alderman Pas (Housing and University City portfolio) wrote in a reaction to questions by political party Volt that the city of Maastricht has urged the parties involved on multiple occasions to come up with a solution before 2 February. That is the date upon which the temporary accommodation in holiday park Dormio – of which fifty or so duped students have made use – ends.

Despite this, completion of the campus will certainly not be realised before that date, Nido wrote in an e-mail to tenants this week. It remains unclear when this will finally happen. “A number of reports and inspections still need to be completed,” a spokesperson for the company stated. “That is why we still do not have a definite date of completion. We expect to get more insight in the coming weeks.”

Priority list

Where the students who are now staying at Dormio can go after 2 February, is not clear. Nido says that it hopes that the temporary accommodation “has given them the time to find alternative housing.” According to the company, there are about 25 students who have not succeeded yet. “We are investigating the situation to find a solution for them, and at the same time, they will also continue to search.” They refrain from making any definite commitments.

In the meantime, Nido is encouraging tenants by e-mail to terminate their contracts, which 345 of the 506 students have already done. At the same time, Huurteam Zuid-Limburg is advising students not to do so, because they may then lose their rights. Why is Nido urging them to do so then? “Because we have nothing to offer at the moment. The date on the contract is no longer applicable. That is why termination is better for the tenants. Then they can get their deposits back, which they may use for alternative accommodation.” Those who terminate their contracts will be put on a ‘priority list’. “So that they can be the first to book as soon as the building is actually completed.”

Suspicion among students

In the meantime, there is a lot of suspicion among students about the reason for the delay. This was fed by the news of the bankruptcy of investor Round Hill Capital Netherlands (Nido’s parent company) last December, one day before the tenants heard about the delay. Which also contributes to the suspicion: construction company Hurks told Observant two weeks ago that “several investigations have been carried out and sent to the customer” and that “the students can move straight in tomorrow”. In a WhatsApp group for tenants, speculations are spreading rapidly. Is a technical problem really the cause of the delay? Or are the students caught in the middle of a legal battle and does the investor want to get rid of the building?

The spokesperson for Nido denies that the bankruptcy plays a role. “This is completely separate from that. The liquidation was undertaken proactively by Round Hill (the British parent company, ed.) in order to simplify the business structure, in a run-up to a considerable investment in the business.” This would make it possible for the firm to “continue managing its investments in the Netherlands without interruption.”


Selling on to a new company that does not want to house students is, by the way, tricky, alderman Pas recently stated in his written reaction. “The permit is for (…) habitation by students and there is no room for any other interpretation. That would require a new application.” Moreover, the agreement states that only after ten years from the date of occupation, can discussions be started about any other use of the building.

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