25 students may stay in holiday park for another month

Juraj Sembera, a first-year student at the Maastricht Science Programme, still stays in one of the holiday cottages at Dormio

25 students may stay in holiday park for another month

Delayed student complex not completed before 2 February

29-01-2024 · News

MAASTRICHT. There is still no date for the opening of the Muse Einstein Campus in Randwyck with accommodation for over five hundred students, administrator Nido writes to the municipality of Maastricht in a letter. First, the technical problems will be investigated. Some 25 students are taking up the offer to stay at Dormio Resort holiday park in February as well.

Five hundred students heard in late December that they could not move into the brand-new Muse Einstein Campus any time soon because of water in the concrete slabs, causing leaks and flooding in the building. Most of them have since terminated the contract and found alternative accommodation, the director of management company Nido Living informed the municipality (in a letter) on 26 January.

A group of 51 students have been living in Dormio Resort at Nido's expense for the past few weeks. Of these, half will also stay at the park during the month of February. It is a one-off ‘extension action’, writes Nido. "We have decided to continue supporting these students." The management company does charge a rental fee, but an amount is not mentioned. But that fee “will fall far short of covering the cost of accommodation at Dormio. Nido will cover the remaining part of the costs out of goodwill.”

In the meantime, two companies with expertise have been engaged to scrutinise the technical problems at the campus. They will submit their findings to Nido, after which a plan of action and a completion date should roll out.

Author: Wendy Degens

Photo: Ellen Oosterhof

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