Strolling through the Randwyck nature and Limburgers are complicated

The flag of Limburg

Strolling through the Randwyck nature and Limburgers are complicated

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19-04-2024 · Splinters

New view on Randwyck

Getting a breath of fresh air during the lunchbreak and learning something about flora and fauna in Randwyck? This will be possible with a 2.2-kilometre walk that can be found on Komoot’s app and website from the end of April. The short walking tour, which starts at the main entrance of MUMC+, has been set out by the Centrum voor Natuur- en Milieueducatie (CNME, Centre for Nature and Environmental Education). In addition to the route, there are also online images and explanations for various places. A win-win situation, says project leader Peter Alblas from CNME: lunchtime walkers learn about nature in their work surroundings “and it is good that they are getting some exercise”.

What kind of nature? Alblas points at the double row of chestnut trees in front of the building on Universiteitssingel 60, where rooks and jackdaws find a place to sleep at night-time. But one of his personal favourites is the ‘bee hotspot’ in front of the FPN building on Oxfordlaan. He feels that the seemingly inconspicuous sand hill, created in 2022, may be called “an undisputed success”: recent research has shown that a surprisingly large numbers of wild bee species have nestled there. “The hotspot is also located beside a good coffee place,” he says. “That is important too, isn’t it?”

Limburgers unravelled

A still photograph of a woman, walking in an alley with a box in her hand. “Woman with vlaai from Limburg in the Kerkstraat in Meerssen,” the caption says, as if it is a painting from times gone by, or an image of an exotic animal species. In this way, newspaper NRC pinpoints the most prominent prejudice that Roel Willems (from Limburg, a former student of Psychology and Arts and Social Sciences at UM, and a former freelance student writer at Observant) describes in Limburgers voor beginners: the idea that the inhabitants of the southern province are intrinsically different from all other Dutch people. Bon vivants who stick to their own circles, rigidly continuing to speak their own dialect, and never saying what they really think.

According to NRC, Willems doesn’t negate the cliché (every cliché exists because there is a grain of truth in it), but wants to introduce nuance: Limburg people “are above all a lot more complicated” than you would initially think. A matter of reading between the lines. With or without the help of Willems’ book, which, by the way, is also meant for southerners who are wondering what goes wrong in their communication with ‘Hollanders’. Because, Willems acknowledges, Limburgers are “not an easy group of people” either.


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