Subsidy for professor Vreugdenhil’s foundation permanently discontinued

Subsidy for professor Vreugdenhil’s foundation permanently discontinued

During an investigation “incorrectly drawn-up” invoices came to light

19-06-2024 · News

MAASTRICHT. The Elisabeth Strouven Fonds has permanently discontinued the subsidy for the Your Coach Next Door foundation of the Maastricht professor and paediatrician Anita Vreugdenhil. During an investigation “incorrectly drawn-up” invoices came to light.

Your Coach Next Door (YCND) states this on its website; a spokesperson from the Elisabeth Strouven Fonds (ESF) confirms the news by telephone to Observant. The subsidy of 50 thousand euro (of which 80 per cent has already been paid out) was already suspended in March. The fund worried whether the money was being spent correctly. This was after news by daily newspaper Trouw about abuse within the Maastricht Rebels basketball team owned by the British Mike Rawson. In the ESF-subsidised project, for which basketball clinics were organised to fight obesity in children, YCND worked with Rawson and his team.

YCND concluded in April – based on an external investigation that was commissioned by the foundation itself – that there was “in no way engagement in incorrect conduct or irregularities” and that “the projects carried out are fully substantiated with documents”. The investigation report was not released. The foundation now writes, however, that it has been established that “the invoices received from the external executor were incorrectly drawn up”. This external executor is Mike Rawson, as was confirmed by a spokesperson for ESF, who refers to YCND and Vreugdenhil for further information. But what does ‘incorrectly drawn up’ mean? Vreugdenhil did not answer this at the beginning of this week.

Sever ties

For ESF, the findings are reason to permanently discontinue the subsidy. The earlier amount of 40 thousand euro that was paid out, however, need not be repaid. In the meantime, YCND writes on its site that steps have been taken to implement “measures that resulted in the lawfully incurred costs also being billed lawfully”. Despite this, “pending the investigation and media attention, YCND has decided in consultation with ESF to discontinue the basketball project in its current format.” This has no effect on other YCND projects regarding lifestyle changes for overweight children. ESF earlier said that a larger subsidy of 850 thousand euro was not called into question.

Whether YCND will permanently sever its ties with the contentious Rawson, is unclear. Until now Vreugdenhil has not reacted to questions about this matter. YCND did however write on its website that they would re-organise the setup of projects and is looking at a “changed implementation organisation” for a follow-up for the basketball project.

MUMC+ investigation

In addition, MUMC+ will also take a closer look at the money flows within YCND. This is part of a broader investigation into ‘private’ foundations of medical specialists, which was announced by the Board of Governors last week. Was this caused by the to-do surrounding YCND? A spokesperson for MUMC+ stated that he “cannot go into specific cases”, but adds that “the reason is not (reports about) a specific foundation”. The investigation is linked with “a new assessment process for contracts with the pharmaceutical and medical aids industries” and the adapted regulations regarding extra duties in the new collective bargaining agreement.

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